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Welcome to the new generation of batteries

Transforming the energy transition

Who we are

Innovation in its pure state

IonycLeaf is a company dedicated to revolutionizing the energy sector with innovative and sustainable solutions. Our mission is to develop cutting-edge technologies that contribute to a cleaner and more efficient future. Since its founding in 2017, we have stood out for developing the Silicon-Sulfur battery, which offers greater capacity, fast charging, greater safety and sustainability. We are committed to leading the way to a cleaner, more efficient energy future, inviting everyone to join us in this mission of energy revolution.

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The batteries revolution

The batteries revolution

Our story

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Our technology

IonycLeaf Silix™

At IonycLeaf, we are at the forefront of innovation with the development of Silicon-Sulphur batteries, a patented technology that redefines energy storage standards. Our mission is to create energy solutions that combine efficiency and sustainability, and advanced silicon and sulfur chemistry is a perfect example of this.

Silicon-Sulfur batteries represent a significant advancement, offering much greater capacity compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries. We use silicon in the anode, known for its high capacity to store lithium ions, and sulfur in the cathode, which can store a large amount of energy. This combination results in batteries that not only store more energy, but also charge faster and are safer.

High energy density

Long lifecycle

Extreme safe

High recyclable


Flexibility, performance and security